date_range 06. 08. 2021

In the unprecedented era as today, Heraclitus’s profound thought, “everything flows,” resonates even louder.

date_range 06. 01. 2021

Continuously educating our organization is crucial to ensure CLG business sustainability

date_range 05. 18. 2021

For worker month celebration, CLG Vietnam TU held a sports and aptitudes competition in April

date_range 05. 18. 2021

Eid Mubarak 
1 Syawal 1442 H 

Wishing You a Blessed Eid Al Fitr 
May Your Heart Be Filled With Peace and Happiness

date_range 10. 20. 2020

The recent disaster that struck has sadly affected the livelihood and wellbeing of the community Central Vietnam, uprooted over 130,000 family homes, damaging thousand hectares of hard worked crops and cutting off some of their transportation infrastructures.