date_range 12. 20. 2021

In Nike Indonesia's 2021 WSF (Workplace Safety Facilitator) Championship, JV won 1st place in the Safety Quiz Competition, and JV2 won 2nd place in the TikTok video competition.

date_range 12. 20. 2021

In Ching Luh Vietnam, we have gradually back to our normal operation.

date_range 12. 16. 2021

For more convenience in updating travel schedules, medical declarations, and online medical support, Ching Luh Vietnam encourages all members to use the medical declaration software of the Vietnamese government PC-Covid and Vietnam Health Declaration.

date_range 12. 09. 2021

On 8 December 2021, in collaboration with the Trade Union department, Ching Luh Vietnam organized "Covid-19 Prevention Awareness Program" with three special activities.

date_range 12. 08. 2021

From 18 November to 8 December 2021, Ching Luh Group Indonesia celebrated the annual Safety Day event with various activities to promote Safety Culture and enhance employee engagement.

date_range 12. 08. 2021

8th December 2021, to celebrate International Labor Day, Ching Luh Group, in collaboration with the trade union department, launched the "Excellent Employee 2021"  to extend the company's gratitude and appreciation towards employees' achievements.