Ching Luh Vietnam: Covid-19 Prevention and Control competitions

date_range 12. 09. 2021


On 8 December 2021, in collaboration with the Trade Union department, Ching Luh Vietnam organized "Covid-19 Prevention Awareness Program" with three special activities;

  • Excellent Covid-19 safety officer contest
  • Covid-19 prevention awareness drawing contest
  • Covid-19 prevention slogan contest

The activity was a huge success, with 46 entries submitted across the three categories.




Cùng ngày, phối hợp với Công đoàn bộ phận công ty tổ chức “Chương trình nâng cao nhận thức phòng ngừa Covid-19” với ba hoạt động đặc sắc

• Cuộc thi nhân viên an toàn Covid-19 xuất sắc

• Cuộc thi vẽ tranh nâng cao nhận thức phòng ngừa Covid-19

• Cuộc thi khẩu hiệu phòng ngừa Covid-19

Cuộc thi đã thành công tốt đẹp với 46 bài dự thi được gửi đến ở ba hạng mục.



Other News
date_range 06. 05. 2023

Ching Luh Vietnam's Green Day event in Thanh Hoa District, Long An Province, was an exceptional display of community engagement and environmental stewardship. A total of 51 volunteers, including managers and senior-level employees, came together to contribute their time and effort to impact the environment positively. Their dedication resulted in 300 kilograms of trash being picked up and properly disposed of, ensuring cleaner and safer streets for the local community.

date_range 05. 01. 2023

Happy Labor Day on May 1, 2023!

date_range 04. 22. 2023

Happy Earth Day 2023. As a company that upholds the core value of Honor One Planet, Ching Luh is committed to environmental sustainability and #investInOurPlanet through various sustainability initiatives.

date_range 04. 22. 2023

Ching Luh Group Indonesia would like to wish all employees and their loved ones a happy Eid al-Fitr, 1 Shawwal 1444 H. May this sense of gratitude and happiness continue to flow and strengthen our bonds.

date_range 02. 22. 2023

Tangerang, February 22, Ching Luh Group Indonesia (JV2) made new achievements in Occupational Health and Safety (K3). On February 22, JV2 won two platinum ratings for the category of Occupational Safety and Health Committee (P2K3) implementation and COVID-19 prevention (P2 Covid-19) from the Banten Province Manpower and Transmigration Office.