August 2021 Virtual Townhall

date_range 08. 13. 2021

As a part of the Employee Care Program,  Ching Luh Vietnam conducted a Virtual Townhall on 12th August 2021. The objective of this townhall is “ To Listen and Address the employees’ concerns during this challenging lockdown and temporary work suspension period”.


“Employees are family” is one of the 8 core value of Ching Luh , Health and Safety of our family members are always our top priority .  During these 60 minutes multi lingual interactive session, we talked about Work Resumption, Employees’ Wellbeing as well as Vaccination.



As the world evolved into a social economy, continuous engagement & communication with employees is becoming more crucial to establish a sustainable business into the future.


In Ching Luh we are building a multi channels two-ways communication to give our employees visibility and engagement opportunity. 


Other News
date_range 01. 13. 2022

Aligning with company’s core value, “Lift as we Rise”, Ching Luh Vietnam is proud to support the launching of “Mobile Medical Station” by the Provincial Labor Confederation in collaboration with the Department of Health.

date_range 12. 20. 2021

In Nike Indonesia's 2021 WSF (Workplace Safety Facilitator) Championship, JV won 1st place in the Safety Quiz Competition, and JV2 won 2nd place in the TikTok video competition.

date_range 12. 20. 2021

In Ching Luh Vietnam, we have gradually back to our normal operation.

date_range 12. 16. 2021

For more convenience in updating travel schedules, medical declarations, and online medical support, Ching Luh Vietnam encourages all members to use the medical declaration software of the Vietnamese government PC-Covid and Vietnam Health Declaration.